Free Will, Fundamentalism And The Workability aof Scientology

On Free Will , Fundamentalism And The Workability Of Scientology

Free will is a quality tied to self-determinism and the ability/willingness to “think for yourself” and decide based on your own observations, what works and what doesn’t, what is true for you or not.

Without “Free will” , you only have robotism under the spell of Authoritarianism with its consequential neglect of actual OBSERVATION ; a slow and painless death of reason and consciousness, but a death nevertheles.

For whatever the reasons, this planet is plagued with Fundamentalism and a fanatical approach to religious knowledge. In Scientology, the reason lies in whole track implants of “religious mania” and “right/wrong dichotomies” , many of which predates the creation of the MEST universe itself. And yet for others , the resons lies in man’s “hidden and insidious destructive nature” as they call it. For others religions, the reasons lies in the works of evil entities that have roamed this uniserve since time immemorial. But no matter the assigned causes from different denominations for this apparent curse with which we Humans are affected, they have one thing in common : a “hidden influence” insidiously spreading across the dynamics.

I think that defining and discussing the subject of Fundamentalism is of the essence for the messsege of this article to be communicated with any degree of reality , with the role that “free will” plays in all of this.

“Fun·da·men·tal·ism (fŭn′də-mĕn′tl-ĭz′əm) n. 1. A usually religious movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles, by rigid adherence to those principles, and often by intolerance of other views and opposition to secularism.” (Free Online Dictionary by Farlex)

Some key characteristics that fundamentalists shares are :

1. A strict adherance to scriptures without proper evaluation of all its parts.

They usually believe in them out of the repeated propaganda of authoritative leadership, and an inherent search for a better life and for the gathering of “stable” data with which to handle their confusions and pains intrinsic to being alive. And because they find comfort and the “end” of their confusions in adopting such “stable” data , they get stuck on it because general observation and correct evaluation is barred to them due to the insidious nature of the “fixed idea” ; of the “safe solution”.

Any doubt concerning the scriptures would mean an immediate return to an state of confusion and a heavy loss. The removal of “stable” data w/out the proper replacement of better and more prosurvival ones , is what is at fault here ; it is the barrier that prevents OBSERVATION. It is also an unkind act to do so to anybody.

It is an obvious fact that beings have been undergoing a VERY long dwindling spiral since time immemorial. Decadency, pain, suffering, confusion, degradation and unhappiness ; have been, all of them, part of the daily existence of an incredible amount of beings. And thus, the adopting of a religious belief, is part and parcel of the business of living. How else can the “hope factor” be entered in the scene ? Without Hope, there is no life. Hope is what drives us through life ; it the common factor we all share. It is a much higher concept than mere “survival”.

We all think and expect that tomorrow is going to be better ; that solutions will come. That this “thing” , this “item” that is ruining our lives, will get handled somehow through our participation on religious activities ; be it a monotheistic, polytheistic or a god-less religious philosophy like Scn , Buddhism, or other -ism(s) .

We all believe in a better elsewhere ; in a state of “Freedom” , whatever that means for different individuals. When a being no longer believes that things WILL get better, the Hope factor is gone and with it , the individual as well. Hope is what keep us alive and willing to stay in the game with the promise of a better tomorrow.

2. An intolerance and refusal to duplicate and understand divergent views , resulting in individuation from the “apostates”.

Many times, they place high priority to conformity with scriptures with such an insistence , that it takes more importance than love, compassion and understanding. Go to Rinder’s blog and see with your own eyes the photos of two LA Org ladies attempting to Body Route individuals from the street. Their contempt for an individual passing them is a testimony of this same attitude. Here is the link :

They get stuck in doctrinal seriousness to such a degree that real service and the actual care for the individual , becomes an absent quality in their lives. You are “right” in their minds, only if you abide unquestionably to their scriptures. If not, you are described by various names depending on the denomination , such as “apostate” , natterier” , “squirrel” , “disaffected” , “SP” , etc, etc.

They individuate from “dissenters” and become highly critical of them. Intolerance, the creating of antogonism, exclusion, and the refusal to allow others be, becomes part of their existence. This is often masked under an hypocrital “everybody has a right to their opinions but…..”. You see it every day with fanatical Scientologists like the ones who abound in the Church ; many out here in the Field has already decontaminated them to a greater or lesser degree.

3. An absolute adherance to scriptures as a requirement for “Salvation” as they are the only ones that hold what they considers to be the only “route out” , they think.

There is a big difference between sticking with what works based on your own experiences and observations , and fixedly sticking with any unevaluted data just assuming it to be “right” w/out proper analysis of empirical results. Just because one piece of data out of a complete subject works, it is no reason to assume that ALL the data from such a subject must be true. That is a big outpoint in itself, a faulty logic. Data is true to the degree that it works when applied, and unvariably so in any cirscunstances ; to the degree you can make predictions with it that found to be true when verified.

Unevaluated data is a very tricky business indeed ; an intellectual suicide. It leads to a fanatical and fundamentalistic approach to a subject with its resulting enslavement of Reason and freedom. As Sting says in his “History Will Teach Us Nothing” song : “Without the voice of reason every faith is its own curse.”

Which brings me to the subject of the “workability of Scientology” or lack of , and the apparent conflict in the Field from ex(es) and non-Scientologists regarding the question : “Is Scientology really a workable system ?”. My thesis and the central message of this article is that it IS , even though it is also riddled with many contradictions and portions that violates the most fundamental Human Rights . I found it to be highly workable , through thousands of hrs of application on hundreds of different publics over a period of decades.

I have tested , for example, the study Tech in several children , many of which were not “influenced” by having read anything from LRH. I just sat with each one of them and used the full Study Tech on them to resolve their study difficulties. They knew nothing of the sysmptoms of the study barriers and yet , they manifested almost all of them. And finding their M/Us, providing the missing mass , and finding the skipped gradient, always made all such symptoms to go away immediately ; an accumulation of empirical data. They didn’t “imagine” the symptoms or just “dramatized” them out of having read them on any LRH issue ; they never read any.

I debug my own little daughter every time when I study with her. Sometimes the manifestations don’t go away immediately and then I find earlier M/Us on the subject (and even with similar studied subjects) and skipped gradients from even months before. I clear those M/Us , go back to when she was doing well on the subject (this might be days, weeks on even months ago) , find the skipped gradient and end of story : VGIs comes in and a recovery of ARC for the subject and the ability to think with it and apply it. Nothing to do with “imagining” it works or “belief” , or “faith” , or “fundamentalism” ; it just WORKS and invariably so. I have tested that piece of Tech for hundreds of hours ; it have never failed me.

What about the Comm formula and its parts drilled in TRs ? Try talking to somebody w/out acknowledging him and see for yourself the immediate upset. Try it with own kids. Try ignoring someone’s originitation and discover the formation of an ARCx. What about having your attention dispersed while talking to someone ? Ever tried to talk with a person whose attention wandered all overthe place ? Did you feel ok with that ? I guess not. I bet you felt they didn’t have the “intention” to listen to you.

I am not talking about the robotic auditor’s TRs taught by the Church. I am talking about a very natural and relaxed way to handle comm cycles. I am not talking about a senior’s empty and forced TR2 to “handle” you to comply with his orders ; neither about a faked understanding (OUT-TR2) from a Reg trying to run a enforced havingness on you for unwanted services or for criminal exchange (fundraising donations). Or about an empty, “I understand you” when “handling” your originations about not wanting or being capable of paying for your next service. No , I am talking about a natural , interested , and relaxed handling of the comm cycle. TRs works , PERIOD. Nothing to do with “opinion” ; it is just pure empirical data. The full communication formula as described in Scientology IS factual and workable data.

Let’s take the subject of “Confessions” and Tech on the handling of O/Ws. I am sure that many of you have experience the enormous relief resulting from honestly confessing our transgressions and getting really acknowledged about it, not made guilty. Nothing posseses so much rehabilitation potential and is capable of so much amount of relief as this marvelous piece of technology. It is like “being born again”. Try accumulating some even “minor” W/Hs with your spouse and see for yourself how Hell is let loose. Try holding on to little M/W/Hs and observe your own wild reactions to towards the ones that misses them.

I handle my own daughter with that piece of incredible Tech every time. She becomes a little critical ,you know, a little hostile with no apparent reason , and I immediately find and locate what “I should have found out” about her and end of that ; she immediately becomes all ARC and incredible affectionate with me again. Not propitiative , but with real ARC. Of course, I never EVER made her guilty or punish her for any confession. She knows that ; she knows she is safe with being honest. She knows that her “punishment” for getting her wihholds off will be a big and tone 40 “thank you for telling me honey and for being honest” and big hug. . “Imagination” ? , “fanatism” ? Ah, have another thought. It WORKS, period.

Granted , this Tech can be criminally used to harm, enslave, control , and to push people’s anchor points in. But it is not the Tech itself that is at fault any more than gravity is not “at fault” because someone fell from a building and died. Gravity is , just as the O/W Tech is, discovered laws, not inventions. They are what they are. The incorrect use of such laws is the problem to handle.

What about the Tech of Assists ? With it I have performed many “miracles” testified by non-Scientologist M.D(s). I have cured brain tumors (2x), cancer (2-3x) , apendicitis , Asthma, sleeplessness , acute pains under just a few hours , chronic migraine , chronic tireness , arthritis , etc, etc, etc. The mayority of those cases were non-Scientologists or poeple with just a very basic knowlwdge of the subject. No “imagination” involved ; it happened in the real physical universe under witnesses.

I am not making any claims here as to the capacity of Scn to cure any ills. I am ONLY reporting what I as an individual have been able to accomplish in the past with this piece of technology. That’s my only claim.

I was even called back then (early 90s) , “Mano Santa” , which means “the one with the healing power on his hands”. My own non-Scientologists family call me every time there is a heavy sickness or injury in the family. They are basically Christians ,all of them. They are not interested in Scn but neither are against what works. Placebo effect ? Really ? With so many people ? And a lot of them non-Scientologists ? I don’t think so. So the frequently used and faulty argument that it is the imagined result of a fanatical adherence to doctrine , is immediately defeated by empirical data from medical exams themselves.

What about the discovery of the engram and the reactive mind ? I have audited thousands of hrs of Book-1 . I audited continuously 35-50 hrs of DNs every week for years. Two times the best Bk-1 auditor. Even earned a free trip to the Freewinds with a free course too. Nothing that I have done in Scn so far in others has produced so much fast changes and immediate results than simple DMSMH procedures. I have read the book at least 10x cover to cover and almost knows it by heart.

I can apply each and every datum there w/out having to think about it. I have seen engrams in FULL dramatization with all the somatics and painful emotions. I audited a lady (had not even read the book) back in the early’80s on a tonsils operation she had had several years ago. At fisrt she remembered absolutely nothing. May be I should not have taken that incident and taken instead some minor locks or secondaries ; but it seemed she was stuck on it as it kept on coming to her mind w/out nothing more coming up so I tackled it.

We spent 8 straigh hrs running the operation out. Little by little , using all the tools from DMSMH (flash aswers, repetitive tech, somatic shut-off handling of , etc, etc) I reconstructed the engram and she was able to see the COMPLETE operation from above (exteriorized) in all details including seeing her mom outside all worried. We contacted and reduced ALL phrases uttered by the doctors and nurses with their aberrative content , and she was able to realize how she had literaly dramatized such phrases in her life with its consequential aberration.

The surgeon was her friend in adulthood so she called him in and asked him to describe the operation for her. Also got her mom to describe the details of how she was dressed and where was she at . It all matched perfectly. After the running of that incident she handled all the ruins she came to handle and her OCA graph was well above the center line. She was happy as a clam. The mayority of her life ruins came directly from that engram being constantly restimulated by perceptics that were every day present at her work.

Another case ran an engram of almost drowning to death in a river with his brothers when he was 10-12 years old. While he was unconcious one of his brothers shouted “grab him, he can’t breathe”. He had developed a severe case of Asma and stress. After running that incident he became totally healthy and very relaxed. I have never seen anybody so happy with results in so little time : 12 hrs of BK-1. He remembered nothing at first but the incident presented itself as a flash answer response of “the incident necesary to solve the case”. So I ran it and reconstructed it in full with a full verification by him with his brothers that the way he remembered it in session was the way itactually happened.

And I could go on and write 30-50 more stories about the incredible workability of plain old Book-1 auditing straight out of DMSMH. Imagination ? Mental projection ? Faith? Fanatism? None of the above. It just WORKS. Period.

The PTS/SP Tech when used by someone who trully understand it w/out a fundamentalistic approach to it, can mean the difference between success or failure in life ; between depression and stability. My sister had a heavy PTS scene with our father for several years. She was really miserable and incredible depressed. I was a rookie Scientologist (this lifetime) then, but I had learned quite well the data on the “Overcoming Ups and Downs” Div-6 course. So I applied it to the letter as an experiment. What did I have to lose ? I drilled my sister for hrs on how to answer hostile comms by acking only the “good parts” of the communication and not engaging in creating any antago. She roller coasterer like hell while doing it , flunking on the drills every time. I kept going , keeping her under control ,and flattening all buttons found.

Then I got her to write a “good roads, good wheather” letter to my father. I inspected the letter carefully to ensure no HE&R , no comm below 2.0 , no recriminations or blame, just an interested comm and a petition. I knew that my father would “explode” upon reading the letter and would attempt to justify it all away. I drilled her on not answering it back with more entheta. It happened exactly as predicted : He exploded but she remained under good control. That was the end of the PTS scene. They became the best of friends and still are. Not one single fight that I know of after that, thanks to all the drills we did.

On her mind , due to her PTSness, he was a monster, a real SP. I knew he was not ; that he was only being stupid (sorry father, I love you). At the end , he even improved his social skills with EVERYBODY after that. She taught him a lesson of humility, tolerance and compassion. It worked. I have repeated the same results with dozens! of people.

Just as with the O/W Tech, this PTS/SP Tech can be twisted around and used by evil or just plain stupid people to suppress, harass, control, and enforce adherence to strict doctrine. But correctly used, it can and does save lives. But , and I very emphatically say BUT, if mixed with the Scn Justice codes , specially the list of “suppessive” acts, many abuses occur as evidenced by the thousands declared “SPs” by the Church in an effort to enforce suppressive obedience and to silence “dissidents”. Which now brings me to the part that most Scientologists doesn’t want to hear : “what is UNWORKABLE in Scientology” ?

Well , in the first place , LRH really had no business writting that non-sensical PL about the supposed “Suppressive Acts” that only brought incredible pain and losses to hundreds of people over a period of decades and still do. I don’t care if he meant well or not ; the result is the same and speaks for itself. It was something royally stupid indeed.

This whole thing about “squirrels” , KSW , and “attack the critics and dissenters by exposing their crimes” practice , is just a very badly thought out and suppressive strategy ; it violates so many Human Rights that I have always had difficulties reconciliating it with the rest of the subject.

That and allowing Mary Sue to take the blame and go to jail for the Snow White GO operation , just pisses me off too much ; it ain’t right. I really don’t care what she did. She supported him all her life. She handled all Orgs by herself for many years. She was a fine lady ; extremely loyal to him. It was an act of treason to let her fall like that and die alone.

He wasn’t even present at her trial ; never visited her on jail ; he just kept on hidding to protect him from being indicted. Well , If he really had nothing to hide and had not done anything wrong , then why hide in the first place ? So that he could finish his research on the upper OT band undisturbed to protect us from eternal oblivion ? Gee , where the hell are all the super OTs cause I see none ? What I do see is a LOT of suppossedly “Cause Over Life” (NEW OT VII) “OTs” being in bankruptcy , with body somatics , (they should be NONE after Audited NOTs) , illnesses, and even terminal sickness. With fixed ideas (out Grade IV) , dramatizations of evil purps (out Grade II) and dramatizing life problems (out Grade I).

Why didn’t LRH faced the civil and criminal justice system as he had done before ? And more so if he was inocent and had nothing to hide ? I just can’t find any reasonable explanation to any of this. I mean , he even defeated the USA Navy when they attempted to force him to go back to active service. It was HIS wife, for Christ sake ! What about “never desserting comrade in need or danger” ? Or about “Never withdrawing allegiance once granted” ? Or about “Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.” in relation to confronting all the trouble that he would have probably pulled in had he gone out of hidding to support his wife ?

He obviously violated his own teachings. What kind of example is that to give to parishioners ? I mean , Mr. Mandela went to jail to defend his ideals and so did Dr. King many times, even if for only brief periods of time. What was so special about LRH that he couldn’t sacrifice himself too ? Real leaders does not hide but confront the consequences of their leadership. That’s a quality expected from ANY leader. The fact is that Mary Sue died alone, w/out much money, and spelled from the Church she helped build.

Scientology started to go downhill since the creation of the “KSW Series 1” PL and the formulation of the “Suppressive Acts” list. With KSW #1 is was clearly established that the Scn Tech was created ONLY by LRH w/out any help whatsoever from anybody in terms of suggestions , a complete falsity. LRH had a LOT of help from many auditors over many years and accepted a LOT of suggestions.

With KSW #1 is was clearly established that Scn was the ONLY “route out” free from any faults. Anyone seeking any additional knowledge from others sources would be considered “squirreling”. Anything else besides “Standard Tech” would be heavily censored and even attacked.

With KSW #1 , gone was your right to have any “personal ideas” about the Tech as that became only your own “bank dramatization”. Only LRH, according to him, had the capacity to “raise” above his bank.

With KSW #1 , if it didn’t work then it was YOU that was at fault and not the Tech, as Tech was considered then, infallible in all its aspects and not to be questioned in any way.

With KSW #1 , if Scn wasn’t applied unadulterated , then we would face eternal darkness and oblivion. The route to follow began to be controlled through fear and not through reason , freedom of thought and free will. We became robots to “authority” , fixated on a big lie, the lie of “Total Freedom” which Scn can’t accomplish in its present state. Gee, we can’t even leave this planet and when we “die” , we immediately think in a “next lifetime” and not in engaging in any other higher game or going to another system. I can’t call that freedom neither self-determinism , but slavery.

With the the list of “Suppressive Acts” , obedience by force and threat was introduced , and control by fear as well. With the introduction of such acts we lost the following Human Rights :

1. The right to think for yourself concerning what works and what doesn’t based on your own observations and discernment. Any disagreement with any Tech point only meant your OWN M/Us and “false” data on the Tech issue in question. And if clearing your M/Us would handle it, then it meant your OWN O/Ws on the subject was preventing your uderstanding of it.

2. Your right to practice freely whatever religion was real to you , and to change from denominations as you see fit. If you “publicly departed Scientology” , you would be declared in the instance. You were either “with us” or “against us” ; no “happy medium” allowed at all.

3. Your right to have your own opinions and express them freely w/out personal attacks and attempts to undermine your reputation by exposing your alleged “crimes”. Protesting against any part of Scn or its programs and behavior was not simply allowed as that bacame promoting “enemy lines” and engaging in “Black PR” ; and you needed then to be “roll backed” to locate WHO dared made you think for yourself.

4. Your right to communicate or not, or to have any connection or not, with whoever the hell you wanted to. You couldn’t remain connected to anybody declared “SP” w/out getting expelled yourself. You right to evaluate for yourself the harmfulness or lack of , of any of your comm lines was gone with the publication of the “Suppressive Acts”.

5. Your right for compensation or redress of wrongs for any non-delivery or bad and altered service delivered to you failing to keep in the “we always deliver what we promise” PL. Any bad delivery by poorly trained Tech terminals became “your responsability”. You couldn’t ask for refund or even for credit , for the Org’s failure to deliver what was promised. You couldn’t w/out having to give up your priviledge to get any more services from the Church. It became your”own M/W/Hs” the reason for any lack of results, no matter if you did all what was asked of you and fully cooperated.

As a note : this is the only organization that I know of that practices this weird “non-refund or else” kind of policy.

Scientology is DEFINITIVELY NOT A CHURCH. It was cleverly converted to a Church by devious legal means by the PR Tech of “redefinition of words”. It IS a business ; not a non-profit organization. There are ONLY two social clases in the Scientology hierarchy : the regular staff, startving to death most of them , and the Int strata living as kings earning quite sizable comissions. Perhaps we should include the Regges (regualr and IAS(es) ) who even though not part of the Int strata, get excellent comissions on the materials and memberships sold.

A “Non-profit” organization and yet, LRH had over 28 million dollars when he died coming directly from Church activities ; some say it was even much more than that , and I don’t know how many millions more in property. And all of that while hard working and dedicated SO members only earned a misery “salary” of $30 a week (at least that was the amount when I was in) with paid for “quarters” that can’t really be called your home. And a lousy food. No paid vacations which you only got if you were “upstat” , and even if “upsat” but a key Tech delivery terminal, you could not get your C.S.W. approved most of the time. And all in the name of a non-existent “Total Freedom”. How do I know it was non-existent ? Let’s apply some logic here, shall we?

LRH was supposed to be a full “Operating Thetan”. I mean, in order for him to have researched the alleged 15 levels above OT VII “fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending more people’s full attainment of OT VI and VII” , LRH must have run them on himself. I mean, it is only logical to assume so. The full awareness and ability gain for OT XV, where you supposedly achieved “Total Freedom” , must have been attained then by LRH.

The awareness characteristics for New OT XII and XIII as listed on The Bridge is “Power in 8 Dynamics”. The awareness characteristic for OT XV (the end of the Bridge) is “Total Freedom”. So if LRH researched them , it MEANS he did all of them, OBVIOUSLY , and that at least he had “Power In 8 Dynamics” which include total control of his body by definition. I mean, this is the man who was “reaching and withdrawing” from the north and south pole while being exteriorized and supposedly above the planet when he was suddently “snatched” from the “in-between lives area”. According to him, he got himself back to his original position in space. Later on he, as a thetan extrrior, went to that area and came back with “all” the details of it. Listen to the SHSBC lecture tittled, “Between lives Implants” , #317.

Now, for all of you that doesn’t know this FACT, LRH didn’t “causatively” discarded his body in order to engage in research on the upper level materials that could only be attempted free from the body , as the guys from Int Management tried to get parishioners to believe in that famous event to announce the death of LRH. That’s was only a “convenient truth” ; one suitable to their twisted agendas at assuming power and the control of LRH’s estates and assets.

What REALLY happened , with documented evidence that any scientologists can avail himself with , with just a simple Google-search, is that LRH died of a stroke.In fact, according to his personal doctor , Dr. Eugene Denk , LRH had had a massive stroke just 7-8 days before he died. An autopsy was not performed , as Church’s officials objected to it presenting a document that LRH had signed just 4 days prior to his death , saying that it was against his religious beliefs to have an autopsy performed on his body. No autopsy was conducted then, and his remains were cremated. But he had had a massive stroke just 3-4 days before he signed such document ! , and according to Dr. Denk , LRH’s health had deteriorated after his first stroke.

In the official “supplementary report , coroner case information sheet” , on the section tittled , “clinical history” , it says : “long standing history of chronic pancreatitis. Recent history of Dysphrasia as of , on or about Jan 16 , 1986”. (just 8 days before his death when he supposedly had the first stroke). Let’s check the definition of the medical term “Dysphrasia” :

dys·pha·si·a (dis-fā’zē-ă), Impairment in the production of speech and failure to arrange words in an understandable way; caused by an acquired lesion of the brain. Synonym(s): dysphrasia [dys- + G. phasis, speaking]

So LRH apparently signed this documented objecting to be autopsied , after he was experiencing the symtoms of Dysphrasia. Not only that , he changed his will just one day before he died !!!! , how come ?

On the toxicology report , which the Church’s lawyers agreed to get it performed , the following results were found and I quote from it :

“Drug screen result : Traces of Hydrxyzine (Vistaril) detected on blood specimen”. End of qoute. 8-10 marks of needle punctures were also found on LRH’s left buttock (Vistaril can be injected apparently too). Now, , “Visraril”IS a drug used for :

“Vistaril is used to treat anxiety, tension, and agitation caused by emotional stress. It is also prescribed as a sedative to alleviate anxiety and tension before or after certain medical procedures (e.g., dental procedures or surgery). In addition, Vistaril is used to help control th following: nausea and vomiting (except during pregnancy), anxiety due to alcohol withdrawal, and extreme emotional distress associated with certain allergic conditions such as asthma, chronic hives, and severe itching.”(from PDR online).

According to the Church , that , by the way, didn’t denied the fact that LRH was in fact under Vistaril , LRH was prescribed with it to treat his long history with allergies. What type of allergies I don’t know. It is debatible what were the ACTUAL reasons for his taking of that medication. Remember, no autopsy was allowed. But on the coroner report there was NO evidence of any type of skin allergy whatsoever. That’s a matter of public record.

But that he took it for allergies or as a tranquilizer is not the important issue here. The thing to notice is that the “greatest OT that this planet has supposedly ever had” , and one allegedly all the way up the Bridge , was not causative enogh to control his body and defeat death. He simply died , he didn’t just causatively discarded his body as the Church attempted us to believe. He just died like any simple mortal do. Period. What he learned from the OT III Inc II regarding human illnesses , and what he learned about NOTs phenomena as regards to “handling physical conditions” apparently didn’t help him to defeat death. Nothing , absolutely nothing , adds up here.

No “hat turn over” , no specific instructions left besides his will for the transfer of copyrights , estates and assets. Forget about the faulty argument that many “KSW” fundamentalists attempt to outline regarding all his Tech and Admin writings being that “hat turn over”. That’s just faulty logic and plain fanaticism. An obvious M/U on the condition of “Power” and “Power Change” and LRH’s essay on “Simon Bolivar”. It is also a violation of his lecture “The Five Conditions” from the BC.

Due to LRH’s failure to properly turn over his hat (he DIDN’T turn it over to DM as many assume) , and to give SPECIFIC instructions as to what exactly he wanted who to get done , is the reason for all the power struggle and corruption than ensued after his death. So if he failed to apply his own policies regarding that , then, it is only logical to assume that he couldn’t as he didn’t planned on dying. The ONLY other possible alternative is that he didn’t care. I am inclined for the first ; he wasn’t planning on dying any time soon.

So a “World Leader” and a “”Full operating thetan”, left his wife go to jail w/out even visiting her, spent the last 7 years of his life in hiding, had one stroke 7-8 days before dying resulting in Dysphrasia, mysteriously wrote a document objecting any autopsy 4 days before dying, mysteriously changed his will the day before dying leaving Mary Sue and his children with just peanuts compared with all the wealth he had, and died of a second stroke , not leaving any hat turn overnor any specific instructions to follow regarding the future leaders of Scientology.

I rest my case. Anyone who doesn’t realize that nothing here adds up , and that LRH wasn’t who we thought he was as to his supposed “OT” powers , is just being plain fanatical and a fundamentalist, and I am certainly not going to waste my time convincing anyone unwilling to see the truth.The facts ARE there for anyone to look for them and analyse them by themselves.

So, the obvious consequence to all of this analysis is that we Scientologists have been betrayed by the same people we blindly placed our sacred trust in. “Total Freedom” is non-existent in Scientology. Period. We never had a “Full Operating Thetan” as described in so many of LRH’s writings. LRH was simply a man with many flaws and even with a destructive character in many ways, thought with many excellent traits as well and a genius of great proportions.

The “confidentiality” of the “upper” levels had nothing to do with protecting your case. It was only about a “Mystery Sandwhich” to keep you on the road and paying for services ; a puller of attention due to our inherent nature in seeking the Truth and ascending to higher spiritual levels.

It has been more than 20 years since the FULL materials covering the confidential upper levels from OT I to OT VII has been broadly available in the Internet. And I Google-searched for months, trying to locate any reports of any deaths attributed to un-Clear people reading those materials, and I found NONE whatsoever. So why then all the mystery and heavy ethics actions taken against those who dared to even hint about what the upper materials were all about ?

What about all the “elegibility checks” and frequent confessionals to prevent the dissemination of the materials even when they had already been posted in full in the Internet? It just doesn’t make any sense. It was ONLY an attempt to control you with fear , I am afraid. To create a FALSE new social class of “OTs” everybody wanted to join. To keep us wondering how would it feel to be there so close to being “full OT” , while keeping those “OTs” forcefully silenced about telling anyone that it was not as they always expected it was going to be. We all were just betrayed , plain and simple.

If any of you would actually know what the “actual first OT level” (New OT VIII ) is all about, I am sure you’ll think I am under drugs , cause it has NOTHING to do whatsoever with “being operational” or with recovering your whole track recall as it has been falsely advertized all these years to all of us. These “OT” VIIIs are under the social pressure and all the “Now I am supposed to(s)” of having to behave a certain way in front of others who wonders about the magical state that is waiting for them. It is all a LIE, I am afraid ; a big ,unhuman, and suppressive lie : betrayal after trust. Scientology has never ever produced a true Operating Thetan ; that’s the short and sad story few dared to tell you. Perhaps there are means to really bring it about with Tech from the ’52-’55 era ; I just don’t know. I’ll let you know when I had finished my own research on that line in which I’ll engage in just a few months.

Scientology IS a very workable system general speaking , speciallyin materials from before the mid ’60s , before all that crap of KSW and the “Suppressive Acts” insane list appeared in the general panorama. But it has many contradictions and portions which are quite destructive as well. Parts that if followed to the letter, will only violate your Human Rights and those of others , and individuate you from your fellow beings ; a state of intolerance for divergent views.

It promises many results that are actually not accomplished to the degree that it has always been promoted. It promises states that can’t be achieved through going up the Bridge as even LRH himself, apparently never attained them as evidenced by the circunstances sorrounding his death and last 7 years of his life.

We must start from scratch and evaluate EACH AND EVERY Scientology datum as its own, w/out any fundamentalistic or fanatical approach to it. With a methodical mind and the full use of reason and logic. W/out a fanatical aherence to scriptures, but with the willingness to test its workability for yourself and to decide based on your OWN observations, what is true for you or not.

Gone are the days where you could assume that LRH was an infallible god , right about everything that he ever wrote about , and incapable of going out-ethics. That route and attitude only brought pain , loss, suppression, and finally betrayal to many of us. The choice is yours : fredom of thought, fredom of choice over data, the protection of the Human Rights ; or going back to a fundamentalistic and fanatical approach which will only get you to the “bottom of the Bridge” into a state of intolerance, disability, and the eventual death of reason and consciousness. The choice is yours.

All I know is that the dream of “Total Freedom” IS still possible. But it will only be possible with the correct attitude. With everybody working as a real group that respect the Human Rights of others and those of themselves , and that fosters “Free Will” , self-determined knowledge, and power of choice over data. Quoting Jeff Rasley from his “Living a Valuable Life Beyond Beliefs” book :

“ Beliefs divide us, values unite us.”

May the great insight of all the great minds that have ever roamed this planet , help all of us to find the true path to ENLIGHTENMENT.


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